Planning your seasonal content has never been easier!

seasonal content calendar

Did you know that you should actually be publishing seasonal content at least 2-3 months in advance?

But then in Pinterest, your seasonal pins should be posted about 1-2 months prior.

Yet, you still need to write evergreen content and publish that too.

So how the heck can you keep up with it all?

Shoot… sometimes I wouldn’t even remember the holiday until the month of!

And when this happened, it would be too late to create something for that holiday.

But what if…

… the pre-work was already done for you?

… you had something that reminded you of when to write, when to post and when to promote?

… you didn’t have to worry about forgetting a holiday again?


Seasonal Content Calendar

A simple yet actionable calendar that will help you stay on top of all the holidays and special events

Because hey, did you forget that graduation, summer and back to school require seasonal content too?

Don’t worry. This calendar has been pre-filled out to remind you of all the major holidays and special events so that you know exactly when to complete each task.

And if there are any not listed, you can easily edit them in!

No more last minute posting with minimal views since it wasn’t done on time

But there's one more thing...

You'll also receive exclusive seasonal content bonus tips!

Ones that you can start implementing today!

In this detailed bonus video, I’ll show you how to maximize the potential of this simple calendar to help you start earning those holiday commissions and sales.

Now wouldn’t that be nice?

The best part? You name your price.

Yup. Truth be told, I initially created this to make things easier for myself because yeah… I was constantly getting behind on my seasonal content.

It not only helped me stay on track for the upcoming holidays, but it helped me already start earning commissions from seasonal posts now ranking on page one in Google (just in time for the holidays).

And after seeing that I’m not the only one who struggled on keeping up with all the holidays and events, I figured why not make this available for you too.

So you name your price at checkout and start using this Seasonal Content Calendar today!

Hey there, I'm Lucy!

I’m the blogger behind the Cheers to Life Blogging brand which consists of four blogs in various niches.

I’m all about productivity and organization and that has translated over into my blogging business.

I love helping my students maximize their little time with simple resources and tools like this one.


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