Are you ready to turn your blogging passion into a successful mission?

EBMS Value Pack Bundle

This bundle is your solution to achieving your ultimate goal, smarter and quicker. Along with learning more tips to help you turn your blogging passion into a successful mission, you will also have a identified a unique strategy for yourself to help you blog smarter and feel more motivated than ever!​

ebms bundle

Here is what's included

An 100-pg eBook serving you as a guide and a roadmap to help you achieve your blogging goals in a more productive way.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this eBook:


Blogging Myths Revealed
With so much information circulating the internet, it can be hard to know what to believe. So this eBook is going to break it down to you and share all the blogging myths I've learned to be... well, myths. But no, this isn't just a list of blogging myths. Along with revealing each untrue statement, there are supporting details to match the claims along with tips on what to actually believe.


Blogging Secrets No One Tells You If you've followed me, you know I LOVE sharing secrets and blogging tips with my readers. So of course, there's an entire section dedicated to blogging secrets and strategy tips that have personally worked for me. From learning how to blog on a budget to growing your blog and increasing blog traffic, you'll for sure learn a handful of tips you were not aware of before. Many of which you can apply to your new blog strategy.


Your Own Blog Strategy Plan
Now this is the fun part! This section includes 31 pages purely focused on helping you create your own unique blogging strategy so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start blogging smarter. These thought-provoking pages will lead you to define a weekly schedule based on your new blogging strategy. Plus you'll feel more motivated than ever to achieve your blogging goals!

In addition, this bundle also comes with these three amazing products, all working together to help you through it all.

Blog Strategy Workbook​

A 17-pg PDF online-editable workbook to walk you through the steps of creating your own weekly blog strategy by answering the questions listed in these easy assignments. From goal setting to prioritizing, defining your vision and more, this workbook is the perfect guide to help you start your new blogging journey as a productive and successful blogger!

Sample Weekly Schedules​

6 sample weekly strategy schedules to serve you as a guide to reference when creating your own unique weekly strategy. These sample schedules take several potential factors into account including different amount of hours allocated to the blog each day, various priorities and different situations. Plus 9 additional scheduling tips included!

Blog Strategy Planner​

A full calendar year, 52-week PDF online-editable weekly planner for you to jot down what you've learned and create your own weekly schedule based on your new blogging strategy. This easy to edit online strategy calendar helps you keep track of your blogging tasks so you know exactly what to do next and where you left off. No more falling behind again!

Stop feeling this way ⬇

Instead you could...

✔ Have a structured unique blogging strategy

✔ Live a less chaotic lifestyle while learning how to grow your blog

✔ Feel more motivated to work on your blog every single day

✔ Achieve your ultimate blogging goals a lot quicker and easier

With sooo much to do and everything there is to learn, it’s practically impossible to do it all at once. And especially when you’re trying to balance blogging with other priorities like your job or family. But you know what?

Blogging is a business. Whether it’s your side hustle or you’re hoping to make it your full-time gig someday, it should be treated like a business and given some priority as well.


This EBMS Bundle can make that happen for you. Not only will you master the essential skill of effective time management but you will also feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to keep pushing forward.

Doesn’t this sound awesome?


Only $57

Here's what others had to say ⬇

Lucrezia Iapichino

with Blogging for New Bloggers

” If you’re new to blogging or struggling to find a winning strategy for your blog, Lucy’s ebook is definitely a must-have! Jam packed with actionable tips and overflowing with valuable information, this ebook will help you crack the code in no time. Lucy debunks several myths, spills all her secrets to blog smarter and goes through the strategies that made her blogs impressively successful in less than a year! The best part is, she does it in such a friendly and engaging way that you will never feel overwhelmed. As if that wasn’t enough, this ebook is super affordable and comes with several extra bonuses including workbooks and schedules to implement the strategies and make your life easier. If you haven’t invested in this ebook yet, you’re missing out big time!”


with Little Miss Engineer

“First of all, the e-book is simply awesome and I have found all of your points there from myths to secrets are a good read. I can somehow relate to most of them. And did you know that before I actually decided to purchase, I was so lost and super stressed about blogging and I feel like I want to quit again! But as I’ve read on your landing page that blogging doesn’t have to be overwhelming and the fact that you have a full time job, I somehow connect my situation with you, “How can you just do it?” So finally I’ve purchased and read seconds after, I was nodding everytime you said your points there. I can definitely say that your e-book is an inspiration and a starting point for everybody. And I’m finally getting organized on my blogging, I know it’s still not that perfect but I’m close to being consistent. And lastly, I really love the strategy calendar and you even have some sample outline that can help us start our planning. Thank you again Lucy!”

Heather Richie

with Writers Life For You

“Ok so I have to tell you all. I love this bundle. First, Lucy presents the information in a way that I’ve never heard before which I love. It’s what makes it so unique. Her myths are totally spot on and very helpful for new bloggers. The secrets she shares are awesome and things that many of us would have to find through trial and error. But my favorite things is the sample schedule! So, I’m somebody that learns better with examples and those help you see how to use the calendar correctly and it’s not just any sample calendar it helps you develop a strategy to grow. So, if any of you are on the fence she’s really packed a lot of value into this bundle!”

Claudia Gebhardt

Pinterest Strategist

” If you are ready to crack the code to your blogging journey then you need to grab a copy of Lucy’s ebook and dive in! She goes into so much detail on the breakdown of blogging myths and lets you end with feeling so much more confident. Oh and she also spills a ton of secrets I didn’t even know. But that’s not all! She also gives you a bonus template to help you plan your content, which is what you need to stay organized. This ebook is worth every penny and you need to buy it like, yesterday”

Hey there, I'm Lucy!

I’m the blogger behind the Cheers to Life Blogging brand. Yup, that’s right – I manage three different blogs under the “Cheers to” brand, all while working full-time and taking care of my amazing little family.

Oh and I’ve been blogging for less than a year.

Wait… so why trust me then? 

Because not only am I all about blogging smarter, not harder… but by staying on a productive schedule and finding a unique blog strategy that works for me is what helped me earn my first $1,500 within my first four months of blogging.

So believe me when I say I know how you feel. I know the urge of wanting to become a successful blogger quickly.

But I also know that it’s tough. And that’s why I want to share my blogging secrets with you, so that you can grow your blog quickly too! So are you ready to blog smarter?


All products will come in a downloadable PDF which is viewable on any device. 

Yes! It will help you build a weekly strategy plan from the beginning before you even fall into the trap that many other beginner bloggers fall into.

You might find some but it wouldn’t be as structured or as easy to follow in the way this eBook lays it out for you. Many of the blogging secrets revealed in this eBook are based on personal experiences, with the blogging weekly strategy tips aimed to fit your specific needs and goals instead of fitting them into someone else’s.

You have lifetime access so there is no rush. You can get through this in as little as a day or take your time and cover it in chunks. However, the sooner you get through it, the sooner you will start blogging smarter.

Lifetime access! Not only will you have lifetime access to all the products included in the bundle, but you will receive a new version any time updates have been made.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed by all the blogging tasks and have not yet defined a weekly strategy plan, then yes! This eBook will help you blog smarter so you can achieve your goals quicker.

No, the intentions of this eBook is not to walk you through how to start a blog or how to make money blogging. However, there are some blogging tips and secrets that will help with these two aspects. The ultimate purpose of this eBook is to help you create a unique blogging strategy that will help you blog smarter.

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the products, I cannot offer a refund. However, if you have any questions before purchasing, I’d be happy to discuss them with you. Simply email me at [email protected]

Only $57

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