What if your brand could create an instant connection between you and your reader?

You can create a brand that establishes trust and becomes easily recognizable with just a glance.

Are you struggling to make a cohesive, effective brand?

You’re unsure if your color scheme matches your niche

You don’t even know if your color scheme looks right together

And don’t get me started with fonts because they all look the same, right?

Oh and let me guess, you’re not a graphic designer so you feel like you can’t even design your own logo

You may have even tested a few different variations of colors and fonts but can’t seem to get it right

Plus, how do you even know if your brand “looks good”?

It's time you get these thoughts out of your head


Because there’s a simple solution to this and it’s called…

The Ultimate Blog Branding Guide

With over 80 pages of blog branding steps to take along with insanely helpful tips, this branding guide is your one-stop to turning your brand vision into reality

And no, you definitely do not have to be a graphics designer. Nope.

These are actionable steps you can take right away and create your dream brand in no time!

But what if I told you there was more?

ultimate blog branding guide

Grabbing your branding guide also gives you exclusive access to 3 additional bonuses (for free)!

Bonus #1

Throughout the eBook, you will find that there are:

  • – dedicated worksheets
  • – checklists and
  • – cheat sheets

to fully maximize your guidance in this blog branding journey (online-editable sheets included)

$27 Value

Bonus #2

A video tutorial to teach you how to create your brand kit in Canva to make your designing so much easier

(plus it’s a sneak peek to my course in the works)

$17 Value

Bonus #3

A mini masterclass to summarize everything covered in the branding blueprint including:

– how to put it all together

– different ways to brand your blog (with examples)

so that you can achieve your full branding potential

$50 Value

Here's everything we'll cover

Take a look at what others are saying:

“I loved how you walked me through the whole process of branding my website. The actions that I took in the workbook were so simple. There was no action step that took me more than a hour to do. I absolutely would recommend this product to anyone that is wanting to brand their website. The results are for me personally. I feel that I accomplished a big task in a no stress way. I literally followed every step in the workbook and was done in a timely matter.” – Melissa with Mental Acceptance

“Lucy’s Ultimate Blog Branding Guide is exactly what it says…an ultimate guide to help you brand your blog! Her effortless and relatable teaching style helped me not only brand my blog but understand the strategy behind it. She also went through the process step by step and gave me the resources that I needed to brand my blog the right way! If you haven’t yet branded your blog, you need this guide!” – Pamela with Sweet Motherhood

“In case you didn’t know, branding your blog is an important first step that you do NOT want to skip. You also don’t want to mess it up and have to rebrand a few months later. Trust me, figure it out now and enjoy the joys of it for years to come. Why take the risk when Lucy can help you create a simply stunning brand right now? Don’t stay confused, don’t put this off, get the Ultimate Blog Branding Guide today and make your dreams of a beautiful brand a reality.” – Nadalie with It’s All You Boo

“Lucy’s Ultimate Branding Guide is the resource I needed when I first started blogging. I feel like it’s hard to define your brand in the beginning, but her guide solves all your branding problems. The eBook is easy to digest, and she mentions helpful examples to help you define your message and how you want to make your readers feel. I love the part about choosing your brand colors because they say so much about your business. The resources are awesome, and the worksheets help you walk through the process she lays out. Who knew there were favicon generators? I didn’t! Lucy makes branding easy, and this should be your go-to guide on how to create your blog and business brand. I promise you won’t be disappointed!” – Heather with Writer’s Life For You

Hey there, I'm Lucy!

I’m the blogger behind the Cheers to Life Blogging brand which consists of four blogs in various niches.

So yes, this means I’ve gone through quite some branding and rebranding myself.

As someone who never considered themselves a graphic designer, I have still been able to create a cohesive and recognizable brand across all my blogs.

And I want the same for you!

So that’s what you’ll be getting from me in this Ultimate Blog Branding Guide


You will receive sign up instructions via ThriveCart to gain access to your products. The eBook comes in a downloadable format viewable on any device while the videos will be hosted in a platform.

You might find some but it wouldn’t be as structured or as easy to follow in the way this eBook lays it out for you. 

Lifetime access! Not only will you have lifetime access to this eBook but you will receive a new version any time updates have been made.

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the products, I cannot offer a refund. However, if you have any questions before purchasing, I’d be happy to discuss them with you. Simply email me at [email protected]

Only $47

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